The CCIB has its own Food & Beverage service, with 3,000 m² of kitchens and restaurant spaces exclusively in the centre itself.

The original gastronomic offering of the CCIB F&B is inspired in contemporary Catalan cuisine, which conveys, as does the entire building, the concept of contemporaneity.

The CCIB’s kitchens are certified to the ISO 22000:2018 standard, which guarantees compliance with the highest standards of food safety throughout the process, from the procurement of the raw materials to the table service. The CCIB is the first European centre with a kitchen that is fully ISO 22000:2018-certified.

At the CCIB we are perfectionists by nature and we pay close attention to every detail, every moment and every taste, that’s why we have great professionals who create a special menu for each event.

We evolve, create and innovate to be able to devise very special dishes, according to new gastronomic trends.

We offer an extraordinary variety of menus and services tailored to any type of event.

We have a full team of great professionals, including the executive chef, waiters, cooks and maîtres.

In addition, the CCIB has a spectacular operating capacity of up to 30,000 services per day.