116 m

connecting walkway


dressing rooms


interpreting booths

The Auditorium CCIB Forum is connected to the Convention Centre via a 116 m underground connecting walkway and is also accessible from the surface at street level. A large 1,890 m² foyer provides access to the stalls with 6 access doors (one of them adapted). The Stalls have 2,341 seats and 12 spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility. On the top floor, the balcony has 2 access doors, a foyer and 743 seats. In addition, the auditorium has 10 dressing rooms and 5 simultaneous interpreting booths.


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AuditoriumArea (m2)Area (sqft)Length (m)Width (m)Height (m)Theater (max)CocktailCoffee Break
Stalls (Seating Area)2.07222.3032.341
Balcony (Seating Area)5015.393743
Stage (does not include Backstage)4204.52130,0013,9714,20
Connecting Walkway 1.82019.590116,8015,603,201.1001.100


With six entrance doors, the stalls have 2,341 seats, 12 of which are for people with reduced mobility. They also have an integrated technical booth, the very best acoustics and an exceptional view from all angles. 


Located on a higher level with two entrance doors, the balcony can be reached by the stairs and also via the lift located in the Auditorium foyer. The balcony can seat 743 people and it has its own foyer. 


The stage has a total surface area of 420 m² and is 30 metres long, 14 metres wide and 14.2 metres high, from the stage to the base of the grid. It’s an ideal place for creating and performing any kind of production that you can imagine. 

Connecting walkway

The connecting walkway is a 116-metre underground tunnel linking the Auditorium CCIB Forum to the Convention Center. It’s a white, open-plan and pillar-free structure that can be given different ambiences.

Interpreting booths

With 5 simultaneous interpreting booths located on the upper sides of the Auditorium CCIB Forum, all are equipped with the best equipment so that interpreters can carry out their work optimally.

Dressing rooms

10 dressing rooms with different furniture and of different sizes located on the top floor accessible from backstage. In addition, they have access to two bathrooms with shower and a multi-purpose space commonly used as a Green Room.

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