Level P2

Banquet Hall

with an area of 1,665 m²

2 terraces

with sea views

2 rooms

of 864 and 420 m², combinable

Floor P2 houses the Banquet Hall, the most spectacular hall of the CCIB for its architectural beauty and sea views with a large terrace. It has a capacity of up to 1,200 people and is ideal for hosting gala lunches or dinners, parties or any other event. With a roof covered with native wood and free of columns, this large open-plan room has 1,665 m² and large stained glass windows that separate it along its length from its 447 m² terrace. On the other side, Foyer B leads to two large meeting rooms, 864 m² and 420 m², which can be combined to add up to a total of 1,248 m² and also have natural light, sea views and their own terrace.

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P2Area (m2)Area (sqft)Length (m)Width (m)Height (m)Theater (max)Classroom (max)Cabaret 08 paxU-shape (max)Banquet 10 paxBanquet 11 paxBuffet 10 paxBuffet 11 paxCocktailCoffee Break
Banquet Hall1.66517.92275,5022,009,25/5,601.2007626361.0001.1008008801.2001.200
Terrace Banquet Hall4474.81175,506,00300300
Foyer A 7908.50373,909,702,61800800
Foyer B3543.81028,909,702,61300300
Foyer A+B1.144,012.313,0102,809,702,611.2001.200