Fira de Barcelona

Officially founded in 1932, although its origins date back to the great exhibitions of 1888 and 1929, Fira de Barcelona is one of the most important trade fair organisations in Europe in terms of the volume and quality of its events, the high standard of its venues, its organisational experience and its professionalism.

It has two large venues, the emblematic Montjuïc and the avant-garde Gran Via, with a total gross exhibition area of 400,000 m2. Additionally, it will also manage the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB in its Spanish initials) from November 2021.

It is the leader in the Spanish market, especially in industrial and professional trade fairs, and it is considered a renowned location in Europe. Each year it hosts more than 150 events, attracting over 30,000 companies and 2.5 million visitors from 200 different countries and territories. The institution also co-organises trade fairs in various countries, as well as offering trade fair consultancy services.

Fira de Barcelona is also an economic and social driving force. According to a study conducted by the University of Barcelona (UB), its annual contribution to the economy of the city and the surrounding area is estimated to be more than 4.7 billion euros, as well as providing more than 35,000 jobs.

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400.000 m2

gross exhibition area at the Montjuïc and Gran Via venues


visitors from 200 countries and territories


fairs, congresses and events held each year


direct and represented exhibitors


exhibition halls


catering areas



A legacy of the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition, it’s one of the world’s most emblematic trade fair venues. Located in the heart of the city, it has 153,000 m2 of gross exhibition space, of which 42,000 m2 are outdoors.

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Gran Via

This site is one of Europe’s most avant-garde exhibition centres, designed by Toyo Ito, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize. It offers 240,000 m2 of gross exhibition space.

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