Maintaining health and safety at work requires undertaking a series of measures and activities so as to detect potentially risky situations and then implement the necessary measures in order to minimise or eliminate the problem.

In order to comply with our health and safety goals, the CCIB uses a management system that is based on continuous improvement. It has been developed from a Prevention Plan set within the framework of the Labor Risk Prevention Law.

It is because of this that we dedicate all of our energy and focus on protecting all the members of our human chain: the suppliers, centre employees, our customers and the general public.


The supervision of the health and safety of the entire CCIB workforce, including internal and external personnel, falls to the external prevention service that we hire and the person who is responsible for the prevention of occupational risks that we have in our workforce.

The objectives of the prevention of risks are as follows:

  • To avoid risks in the workplace.
  • To evaluate the risks that cannot be avoided.
  • To tackle the risks at their source.
  • To the adapt the workplace to the person, the choice of equipment and the methods of work and production.
  • To evaluate the workplace so as to make it safer and better suited to the worker.
  • To replace dangerous items for those of little or no danger.
  • To give the workers relevant training in this matter.