The main objective of our Code of Ethics reflects the commitment of the CCIB to establish general performance criteria that, based on ethical and regulatory compliance, guide the professional performance of our activity.

The guidelines of conduct of the Code of Ethics are configured as mandatory guidelines for all members of the CCIB.


Mission statement

One of the fundamental values that inspires and guides the actions of FIRA CCIB, is a commitment to a business policy governed by a consolidated ethical-corporate culture.

Based on this main objective, our performance values are as follows:


The CCIB has defined the different values that it identifies with, that the company wants to make its own and that it wants to implement as soon as possible across all its whole structure.


Human resources constitute a driver of development of the first order for FIRA CCIB. For this reason, we promote a professional environment that allows for full personal fulfilment and does not provide space for any derogatory behaviour. We are totally committed to selection, tutoring and specialisation as key points to ensure the efficiency of our professional staff and the excellence of our services.


The activities of FIRA CCIB are based on mutual respect between business partners, customers, suppliers and competitors. In FIRA CCIB we strive to adopt ethical behaviour and reject any agreement that is anti-competitive or promotes monopolistic or unfair practices.


In FIRA CCIB we ensure that all the information that we communicate complies with the principles of transparency, reliability and accuracy, by providing honest, good quality information.


In FIRA CCIB we take care of our image and reputation, ensuring the integrity and protection of the assets of our companies.


In FIRA CCIB we safeguard and manage the data and information we possess, taking all necessary precautions.


In our company we maintain a neutral political stance, respecting our workers’ right to freely hold their own political opinions, provided they do so on a strictly personal level.


The workers of FIRA CCIB must make their decisions in an objective way, avoiding considerations of personal interest, and must identify any risks of conflict of interest and act in the best interests of both companies.


All members of FIRA CCIB carry out their activities based on the principles of transparency and integrity.

The environment

In FIRA CCIB we integrate respect for and protection of the environment into our day-to-day activities, by assisting in the implementation of a system of waste reduction and product recycling at the end of the useful life of our products.