Corporate Social Responsibility

From its origins in 2004, we at the  CCIB have maintained a comprehensive strategy of corporate social responsibility that favours the development of sustainable business practises.
The three main pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility are:

  • Economic transparency
  • Environmental conservation
  • The improvement of the social environment

In order to better respond to the growing ethical expectations of each interested party, we have committed ourselves to going beyond the basic idea of environmental sustainability in order to create an integrated philosophy that combines both our company mission statement and our corporate values.



Our environmental policy is carried out through the Environmental Management System and is aimed to continuously improve our environmental footprint. It is certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and the Eco Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) regulatory group.

Energy consumption, waste generation and CO2 emissions are the main environmental issues that we deal with at the  CCIB.

We strive to control each one of these issues and we put in place annual objectives in order to reduce, moderate and minimise all associated environmental aspects.


CO2 emissions

As of 2009, the CCIB has been responsible for the management of its own carbon footprint by calculating and compensating for the CO2 emissions that are generated by its business activities. It has also put into place plans for future reductions in CO2 emissions and more efficient energy practises.


CO2 emissions are balanced by the purchase of carbon credits that are used for various environmental projects that, at the same time, contribute to the improvement of the local environment and subsequent developments.


The Latest 2020-2021 Project: Bag 2 – Voluntary compensation program for GHG emissions in Catalonia for projects carried out by social entities.

The CCIB encourages its clients to calculate and compensate for the CO2 emissions that are produced by hosting their event in our centre.

If you are an event manager and you want to compensate for the footprint of your own personal participation, please click on the banner below:

Social Work

At CCIB we continue to promote our commitment to the social environment. As such, we collaborate on different projects that help to improve the quality of life for different people, especially those that suffer from a greater risk of social exclusion.

Our actions take place in the form of collaboration with municipal entities, associations and institutions.

Throughout 2017, we collaborated with many different types of charitable initiatives, relying on the support of various interested parties.


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