Committed and sustainable

Corporate Social Responsibility

From its origins in 2004, we at the CCIB have maintained a comprehensive strategy of corporate social responsibility that favours the development of sustainable business practises.
The three main pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility are:

  • Economic transparency
  • Environmental conservation
  • The improvement of the social environment

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Corporate Social Responsibility requires both extensive and challenging corporate behaviour. For this reason, in recent years standards have been developed for the implementation of Management Systems in companies that seek to measure and communicate the progress regarding ethical commitments in areas such as: the Environment, Human Resources, Transparency…

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Health and Safety at Work

The promotion of Health and Safety at work lies in a series of measures and activities that are carried out by companies in order to detect situations of risk and to undertake the necessary measures so as to eliminate or minimise their effects.

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The main objetive of our Code of Ethics reflects the commitment of the CCIB to establish general performance criteria that, based on ethical and regulatory compliance, guide the professional performance of our activity.

The guidelines of conduct of the Code of Ethics are configured as mandatory guidelines for all members of the CCIB.

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