Catering & Restaurants

The CCIB has its own Food & Beverage service, with 3,000 sqm of kitchens and catering spaces within the centre itself.


The CCIB and F&B’s gastronomic proposal is inspired by modern Catalan cooking and, along with the building itself, it conveys a concept of contemporary life in Barcelona.


The CCIB kitchens have the ISO 22000 certification that guarantees compliance with the highest standards of food safety from the purchase of raw materials to serving at the table. The CCIB has been the first European center with the kitchen fully certified with the latest version of the ISO 22000.

At CCIB and F&B, we are perfectionists and we care about every detail, every moment and every different taste. Because of this, we work with the very best chefs in the industry in order to create a special menu for every event.

We evolve, create and innovate so we can come up with special suggestions that are in line with the very latest gastronomic trends.

Did you know...

That one client asked us to create a complete menu of 20 different dishes, including desserts, using only pulses?!

Is it possible for a room to go from a meeting set, to a served lunch and a cocktail in less than four hours?

Has a customer done a menu test of 300 dishes in 2 days!

Throughout 2020 we offered the following services





We offer an extraordinary selection of different menus and services that can be adapted to all kinds of events.

We have a highly professional team that includes an executive chef, waiters, cooks and maîtres.

We have an incredible operating capacity that can serve up to 30,000 covers every day.



Here are some of the dishes that we can offer at the CCIB