Gastronomy: CCIB F&B


The CCIB has its own first-class in-house catering company, CCIB F&B, the exclusive operator of the Centre’s 3,000 m2 of kitchens and catering rooms.


F&B’s gastronomic philosophy is inspired by the latest Catalan cuisine, in harmony with the highly contemporary spirit tangible throughout the CCIB.


Amongst other advantages, F&B’s services to CCIB clients include:


  • an extensive range of culinary concepts to match any type and scale of event

  • a well-integrated team of outstanding professionals, from the Head Chef through the Sous-Chefs and Maîtres to the waiters and Bus Boys.

  • a phenomenal service capacity of up to 30,000 guests per day



CCIB F&B’s highly successful and individual approach to event gastronomy provides the full range of catering services to event organisers and delegates, including:


  • Coffee Break & Delivery

  • Permanent Coffee & Breakfasts

  • Buffet & Working Lunch

  • Light Menus & Bag Lunch

  • Glass of Cava & Cocktail

  • Dinners & Gala Dinners

  • Staff Menus



Take a moment to browse our online Gastronomy Catalogue, or perhaps you would like to enjoy the CCIB F&B video on YouTube!